lvl 1 to 1200 leveling guide

Party exp is boosted,
It is recommended to level with multi client logins 3 to 5 accounts to party.
Tip: energy elf

First level your characters to lvl 10 so you can party them together,
Then level them to 80 then you can set and start your auto helper tool function at
the top border of your MU screen tab.


At lvl 150 you can do the devias quest leftside of the devias town, take the quests
and buy the available quest materials from lorencia bar vendor.
buy your lvl 1 wing at Elbeland (middle)


If you are a Knight, Wizard, Elf, Rune or Slayer class, at lvl 220 you can do Marlon's
quest who is located at Atlans safezone or Devias town. 
You can also obtain the quest materials from Lorencia bar.


At lvl 400 you can start Master Level quest at Crywolf quest chain of 3.
The first quest requires 3 materials from 3 locations and mobs.
Phoenix Feather from Icarus 
Death Knight Beam from Tarkan 2
Hell Mine Horn from Aida 2


The second quest requires killing mobs at crywolf baracks which you can go to by
going north east or upper right of the crywolf map then an npc will teleport you
inside the barracks where the mobs you need are.
20 of each kind.


The third quest requires killing the main boss Dark Elf which is located at the end of the
barracks, where you will click and be teleported.
After you do the crywolf quest, you unlock the master levels from 400-800.
You can now use the freebie 3rd wing.


At lvl 800 you can start the Majestic level quest at Lorencia Cen NPC beside the
bar (right side). You need to have many potions and you must set the auto helper
bot function accordingly to the best survivability.
The quest inside the quest room is simply killing strong mobs that hit hard and also has
high defense. This is why 5 characters and client logins are recommended but you
can also ask other players for help.


After you do and unlock the Majestic level, you now can level from 800-1200.
Through the new majestic maps. At this point you must farm ruud through the ingame
events such as scramble, bloodcastle, chaos castle, doppel to get ruuds enough to
buy the new skills from elbeland town ruud npc (last page). 
The new skills are required to unlock majestic skills.
Individual collection for ruuds on each character is required.

Posted 10 / 05 / 2020

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