Ruud, new skill and Majestic skill guide.

In order to obtain new skills from priest james in Elbeland, you need 1000 ruud. 

Ruuds are from ruud box rewards which can be obtained from all ingame events such as scramble word, bloodcastle, d.square, chaos castle, doppel, etc... 
Earn ruud from killing Golden mobs 
- Golden Budge dragon
- Golden Lizard king
- Golden Tantalus
- Golden Devil
- Golden Crust
- Golden Satyros
- Golden Napin
- Golden Great dragon

Or if you are in the castle winner guild,

The new skills has requirements whether stat or specific ML skills, you must read and meet the requirements to be able to learn and use the new skill.

Generally, the new skill is required to unlock majestic skills which can be seen and read when you finish lvl800 majestic quest from Cen Lorencia.
Requirements can vary depending on class and the specific majestic page you're unlocking.

Always read the new skill requirement so you can use it.
New skill is important because it is usually a requirement for majestic skill unlock. 

Posted 10 / 05 / 2020

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